We specialize in locally grown  and sold Camellias. We are open by appointment only. Local Sales Only.   We do not ship plants.  Click here for more information.

About Our Company

Francis Eugene Phillips; The Founder of Gene's Nursery
Francis Eugene Phillips; The Founder of Gene’s Nursery

Gene’s Nursery was formed in the late 1950’s when Francis Eugene Phillips, a disabled WWII Veteran began growing and selling Azaleas and Camellias in Savannah GA.  His pension was modest, and the extra income the plants brought was a welcome necessity to help support his wife and young son ‘Gene’.    But it wasn’t all about the money for Francis.  He fell in love with these plants, especially the Camellia, and it became his passion.  Sadly, Francis passed away when young Gene was only 16 years old and the task of providing for his family became his responsibility.  He not only picked up the role of “man of the house” but he also inherited Francis’ passion for the Camellia.

Debbie and Ben Odom joined their friend Gene in the nursery in 1992.   There were many disagreements, a ton of potting soil being tossed, and a lot of trial and error, but all three brought something to the business that made it work.  In 2014,  Lindsey Odom Holland joined the ‘family’ business and together, we are building a legacy for our children that stems from the passion Francis had for this remarkable Camellia

Gene’s Nursery provides camellias to the gardening public as it has since 1957.  We are open by appointment, and we will have regular hours during Camellia Season (Oct-Feb)  but if you are in the Savannah area and want to visit, just email us or telephone or text to 912-376-9244 in advance and we’ll be happy to try to work with you for a visit.

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