There are many different fertilizers that you could use on your camellias, but the one that I highly recommend is Holly-tone® that is made by Espoma. I really like fertilizers for my Camellias that are organic and break down slowly in the soil.

No Unexpected Release

I don’t feel safe using time release fertilizers, because sometimes the small prills release more fertilizers and salts at a time than they should. This can damage your camellias, so I prefer a constant organic feeding that doesn’t burn the plants. Holly-tone® provides the nutrients that your camellias need without the danger of fertilizer burn.

Low Nitrogen

Holly-tone® has a low nitrogen content. This fertilizer only has 4% nitrogen, so it will not stimulate excessive growth that results in fewer flower buds for you to enjoy. After all, camellias are all about the flowers.

Formulated for Acid Loving Plants

Holly-tone® is a fertilizer for acid loving plants, so it is perfect for camellias. These incredible fall and winter blooming plants require acid soils to be happy. Holly-tone helps to keep your soils in the acid range that they prefer.

Application Times

The primary application of Holly-tone® would be done in the spring, but it is a good idea to fertilize again in the fall with about half the rate applied in the spring. It helps to keep your camellias healthy and happy.

Here is a great video from Espoma to tell you more about Holly-tone and show you how to apply it.  Get our Espoma products including Holly-Tone & Bio-Tone at Gene’s Nursery

Why You Should Use Holly-tone® Plant Fertilizer On Camellias