Ever since I was a kid growing up in Savannah, I have never known a Christmas without camellias. There was alway some camellias blooming in the garden or in my dad’s old greenhouses. The beauty of camellias has been intertwined into the magic of Christmas my whole life. Mama always brought Camellia flowers into the house, and Daddy was busy cutting blooms and sharing them with everyone that he saw. I really could not imagine a Christmas without camellias! Iwant to wish all of my readers and customers a very Merry Christmas, and I hope that you enjoy this special time of the year with those that you hold dear. May all your Christmases be filled with the most beautiful Camellias! That is my Christmas wish for you!

My Christmas Wish

Gene Phillips is one of the owners of Gene’s Nursery in Savannah, Ga.  He is a 2nd generation grower and attributes his love of Camellias to his father, who inspired him to breath in the beauty that they bring to him but more importantly to others.  In his ‘free’ time, you’ll find him wandering through old gardens, trying to identify flowers or taking countless number of photos to share with others!  He also enjoys meeting people and comparing ‘garden’ stories.