If you are like me, you really enjoyed the warmth of the recent holidays. It is so nice to be able spend quality time with friends and family and make memories that will last a lifetime. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, as we move into one of our best planting times in the south. Believe it or not, we are only a couple months away from Spring, so getting new shrubs planted properly now is critical to long term success in the garden.
As you know, January and February are peak bloom times for Camellias. Everyone generally gets so exciting and ready to plant that sometimes they overlook the basic fundamentals of proper planting. Digging a hole and and plopping a potted Camellia in that hole will usually lead to disappoint, while planting that Camellia properly will lead to years of fulfillment. My daddy used to always say “It’s better to plant a 50 cent plant in a 5 dollar hole than a 5 dollar plant in a 50 cent hole. Well, those prices have gone up quite a bit in 61 years, but I think that you understand the meaning.
Planting any shrub, especially a Camellia is an investment in your garden and your future happiness. Make sure that your investment pays long term dividends by selecting the right varieties and by making certain that those Camellias are installed correctly. Take a look at our suggested planting guidelines.   Don’t hesitate to stop by our nursery during business hours and ask for further advise.
We want your New Year and every year to be a big success in the garden!
A $5 hole – Extra Care In Planting Camellias