Great camellias begin with great plants, and ‘Royal Velvet’ has a fantastic plant. Beautiful camellia blooms without nice plants do little to enhance the garden, so it is always of utmost importance to select great plants like ‘Royal Velvet’ for your garden.

‘Royal Velvet’ is one of the very best camellias that we have ever seen. The vigorous plant is upright and compact with dense dark green foliage. The impressive large flowers have a velvet-like texture and bloom winter to early spring. This variety is well suited for either filtered shade or full sun in our area. Just remember that camellias growing in more sunny locations require a little more fertilizer that the same ones growing in shade.  In Savannah, we usually have ‘Royal Velvet’ plants in peak bloom at Valentine’s Day. A fantastic flower and and even more fantastic plant!

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Camellia japonica ‘Royal Velvet’
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