Did you know that there are over 250 species of camellias in the world today? That’s right; a lot of diversity to this plant that I love! There are some species that have yellow flowers. Others species bloom during the summer! Some are fragrant, and others have very unusual foliage! Camellias with all their species are one of the most diverse plants on the Planet! check out a few of these incredible camellia species!

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Camellia Species

Gene Phillips is one of the owners of Gene’s Nursery in Savannah, Ga.  He is a 2nd generation grower and attributes his love of Camellias to his father, who inspired him to breath in the beauty that they bring to him but more importantly to others.  In his ‘free’ time, you’ll find him wandering through old gardens, trying to identify flowers or taking countless number of photos to share with others!  He also enjoys meeting people and comparing ‘garden’ stories.

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