Camellia japonica ‘Frankie Winn’ is a Savannah original that was introduced by Mr. & Mrs Jimmy Luker’s Sugar Hill Camellia Nursery back in 1978. This camellia has a very dense upright plant with beautiful green foliage. It has an average growth rate, with the large impressive flowers blooms starting in early November here in Savannah. We generally have this plant in full bloom by Thanksgiving here, and it usually still has an abundance of flowers still going in early spring. At Gene’s Nursery, we think that ‘Frankie Winn’ is one of the very best pink flowering camellias that we have ever seen. A super great camellia for the garden. It will bloom best in filtered shade with minimal direct hot midafternoon sun.

  • Species: Japonica
  • Bloom Color: Soft baby pink
  • Bloom Size: Medium 3-4″
  • Bloom Form: Semidouble to peony
  • Bloom Season: Late fall to late winter
  • Growth Habit: Dense compact growth
  • Growth Rate: Average ( 4-8 inches of new growth per season)
  • Maintainable Height: 4-6′
  • Maintainable Width: 4-6′
  • Light Preferences: Filtered shade
  • Plant Uses: Accent Plant, Foundation Plant, Screen or Hedge, Container Plant

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Camellia japonica ‘Frankie Winn’
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