Many of the newly emerging camellia species from Asia are beginning to demonstrate their landscape potential for the garden. One of these species is called Camellia grijsii. This species of camellia is from China and has just begun to show up in a few gardens in America. C. grijsii is a good landscape performer in gardens that do not usually experience severe winters. Zones 8-9 should be ideal candidates for this awesome species.

The plant is upright with compact and dense small foliage. The tiny fragrant flowers bloom in mass late fall to early spring depending upon the weather conditions. The plant, when in full bloom, is reminiscent of the English Dogwoods in flower, except in a compact, smaller, and evergreen version. The plant will grow in filtered light to full sun and can easily be maintained in the 4-5 foot height range. This species will never win Best Flower in a Camellia Show, but the plant just might walk away with the title of Best Plant in the Garden! This new camellia species is sure to become a superstar landscape plant in the coming years.

Camellia grijsii: Fantastic Camellia Species