Growing camellias is the passion that drives us at Gene’s Nursery, and that passion is taken to the utmost level when we are growing camellia varieties that we developed and introduced. None of our camellia children can bring out that passion more that our ‘Lindsey’. We feel that this japonica may be one of the very best varieties that we have introduced so far. ‘Lindsey’ is a chance seedling of ‘Marie Bracey’, and although we are not certain of who the pollen parent was, we have a sneaking suspicion that it is ‘Carter’s Sunburst’ that was located just a few feet from the mother plant.

‘Lindsey’ is an upright grower with beautiful green foliage. The medium perfect formal double flowers bloom from late fall to early spring. We have noticed that the flowers can have varying looks to them depending on the weather conditions at the time. Sometimes, we see cupped petals and sometimes not. Also, we can see pink colors that are deep pink all the way to heavy lavender pink shades. ‘Lindsey’ is a steady but moderate grower which makes her perfect for many applications in the garden as well as container usage.

The only thing better than ‘Lindsey’ the camellia is Lindsey the beautiful young lady that she was named after. The real Lindsey is the next generation camellia grower at our nursery, and we could not be more proud. She has taken on the committment to growing the camellias we love with the same passion that has fueled our family business for almost 60 years! Two beautiful Lindseys in ove family and one business is more that we could have ever imagined. We are truly blessed!

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Camellia japonica ‘Lindsey’
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