If you are looking for an outstanding white Japonica for the garden, it is hard to beat ‘Sea Foam’. This variety was introduced by John Weisner of Fernandina Beach, Florida back in 1959. Many camellia lovers are impressived by the absolutely perfect medium size white formal double flowers, but the outstanding plant is just as nice. The foliage of this camellia is simply beautiful with large deep green leaves. The plant is upright and extremely vigorus. This camellia is one of the fastest growing camellias that you will ever see, so make sure to choose a location in the garden where it has room to grow.

‘Sea Foam’ can grow well in filtered shade to some sun. In fact, the plant will grow wonderfully in full sun, but have some protection from the hot intense mid day winter sun will make those perfect white flowers happy. Too much intense sun can brown up and burn the flowers, so a little shade would be best. You can maintain this variety at 6-8 feet in the ground, or you can let it grow to eventually 25 feet or larger. It also does well in a large pot as a container plant. The perfect flowers begin blooming late fall in Savannah and bloom into early spring. ‘Sea Foam’ is one of the best white flowering camellias available today!

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Camellia japonica ‘Sea Foam’
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