Horticultural Oil is one of the best insecticides to use on camellias. It provides excellent control of Tea Scale and Spider Mites by suffocating these pests without adding dangerous poisons to the environment. Spring and Fall are perfect times to spray your camellias with the moderate temperatures.

There are many different brand names of Horticultural Oil available, but we suggest using Lesco Horticultural Oil if possible. We have used this Horticultural Oil product and know that it is very effective for controlling pests on camellias. It is available locally in the Savannah area at Site One Landscapes at 9 Hoss Drive just off of Chatham Parkway in Garden City, Georgia. Their phone number is (912) 966-0990. There are also sources available online to purchase Lesco Horticultural Oil including TreeStuff.com

A convienient way to apply the Horticultural Oil is with a hose-end sprayer. There are many of these types of sprayers, but we really like a hose-end sprayer made by Chapin. The Chapin All Purpose Professional Sprayer does a good job when spraying Horticultural Oil. It is available at Home Depot at Chapin Sprayer.

No matter which brand of Horticultural Oil you use, always read the label and follow the instructions.



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