Recently Up-potted 1 gallon Camellias

Spring is an excellent time to up-pot your camellias in containers to larger pots. We are always busy in the spring up-potting our smaller camellias into larger pots, and you can do the same thing with your plants. Keep in mind that camellias need good drainage, especially in containers. We use a basic potting soil that you can make by mixing 1 bucket (3 gallon) of Pine Bark Mulch with 1 bucket (3 gallon) of Pine Bark Mini Nuggets with 1 bucket (1 gallon) of peat moss. Mix these ingredients together thoroughly, and you are ready to up-pot too.

Sometimes, gardeners wonder what size pots to up-pot their camellias. We generally want to move our camellias from a small pot to the next size up. For example, we may grow a liner plant from a cutting in a 1 inch or 3 inch plug that would be up-potted into a one gallon (6 inch) pot. Usually, our 1 gallon pots are up-potted into a 2 gallon (9 inch) pot. The next size to up-pot the 2 gallon pot would be a 7 gallon (14 inch) pot. You can see that this is a gradual process, so we would suggest that when you up-pot your camellias be sure to give them enough extra room for the roots to grow out and at the same time don’t pot too small a plant into too large of a container. Just take it gradually, and your camellias will be healthy and happy!

Up-Potting Camellias in the Spring

Gene Phillips is one of the owners of Gene’s Nursery in Savannah, Ga.  He is a 2nd generation grower and attributes his love of Camellias to his father, who inspired him to breath in the beauty that they bring to him but more importantly to others.  In his ‘free’ time, you’ll find him wandering through old gardens, trying to identify flowers or taking countless number of photos to share with others!  He also enjoys meeting people and comparing ‘garden’ stories.