Recently Up-potted 1 gallon Camellias

Spring is an excellent time to up-pot your camellias in containers to larger pots. We are always busy in the spring up-potting our smaller camellias into larger pots, and you can do the same thing with your plants. Keep in mind that camellias need good drainage, especially in containers. We use a basic potting soil that you can make by mixing 1 bucket (3 gallon) of Pine Bark Mulch with 1 bucket (3 gallon) of Pine Bark Mini Nuggets with 1 bucket (1 gallon) of peat moss. Mix these ingredients together thoroughly, and you are ready to up-pot too.

Sometimes, gardeners wonder what size pots to up-pot their camellias. We generally want to move our camellias from a small pot to the next size up. For example, we may grow a liner plant from a cutting in a 1 inch or 3 inch plug that would be up-potted into a one gallon (6 inch) pot. Usually, our 1 gallon pots are up-potted into a 2 gallon (9 inch) pot. The next size to up-pot the 2 gallon pot would be a 7 gallon (14 inch) pot. You can see that this is a gradual process, so we would suggest that when you up-pot your camellias be sure to give them enough extra room for the roots to grow out and at the same time don’t pot too small a plant into too large of a container. Just take it gradually, and your camellias will be healthy and happy!

Up-Potting Camellias in the Spring