Holly Tone and Milorganite are excellent fertilizers for your camellias

Whether you are fertilizing old established camellias in your garden or plants that have been recently added, Holly Tone and Milorganite are excellent fertilzers to use on a regular basis. In fact, we have been using both of these organic fertilizers on our camellias in the gardens for many years. With many of the other fertilizers that have been traditionally used on camellias such as 10-10-10 or 8-8-8, you have to always be careful not to apply to much fertilizer. If too much of these traditional granular fertilizers are applied, your camellias can get burned by the excess salts in the fertilizers. With Holly Tone and Milorganite, you don’t have to be as concerned about fertilizer burn. These two slow release fertilizers break down over a long period of time releasing valuable nutrients to your camellias without the likelihood of fertizer burn. Always read the label to apply the right amount, but remember that Holly Tone and Milorganite are effective and safe fertilizers for your garden.

We use Holly Tone and Milorganite in our gardens on all our Ornamental and Tea Camellias. Our schedule begins in early spring when the plants are just about to start growing, and we apply it every 2-3 months throughout the growing season. Generally, we want the fertilizer that we apply to be put in the area from the drip edge of the plant inward to around the cental stalk. If possible, rake out the existing mulch, apply the fertilizer, and then rake the mulch back over the fertilizer. Since these organic fertilizers are slow release and safe, you don’t have to water it in immediately, but we usually do water in the fertilizer to get it active as soon as possible.

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